NEWS: Pure Textuality is Now Hosting Five Memes!!

After much going back and forth on whether we wanted to host a meme or just participate in one, we have decided that we will be hosting memes Monday through Friday here at Pure Textuality!

Read on for the meme descriptions and instructions on how to participate!

MONDAY – – – From Helios to Hollywood

From Helios to Hollywood will be a weekly post to compare and discuss books that have been made into movies (or occasionally TV shows). We will highlight one book to film per week. Sometimes the book is better, sometimes the movie is better. We will have to wait to see the opinions roll in!

TUESDAY – – – The Cover Story

The Cover Story will be a weekly post highlighting a book cover and our thoughts on the artwork. This will cover not only new releases, but also older titles.

WEDNESDAY – – – Hump Day Harlots

Hump Day Harlots will be a post to highlight and discuss our favorite (or least favorite) female character in a romance or erotica novel. We will be highlighting a different female character every week. *Warning: May include explicit content*

THURSDAY – – – Auditory Allusions

Auditory Allusions will be a weekly spot light on a book and the soundtrack we envision going with that book. There will be a track listing and the reason we “hear” these songs when reading the book.  

FRIDAY – – – The Texties

The Texties will be a weekly post in which we nominate our favorite book blogs, friendliest authors, most overlooked up and comers, favorite fanfic’s, etc. A little recognition for some great peeps in the writing world! At the end of each year, we will do a post recapping all of the nominees and award The Textie to the top pick of all the nominees!  

The memes hosted here at Pure Textuality will be starting Monday June 18th.  

If you are interested in participating in any of these memes, go to the Memes page and fill out the form supplied and I will add you to the blog roll for that meme.  


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