NEWS: Charlaine Harris ‘Dead Ever After’ Release Date Announced!

I am really rather sad to announce this.  Charlaine’s people have announced the release date for the 13th and final Sookie book. 


I don’t take a whole lot of pleasure in it for MANY reasons:

– The Sookie books are coming to an end
– I think I know who Sookie is going to end up with and I don’t like it!
– Well, I can’t think of a 3rd right now but I assure you, it’s a good one!

Here’s what her admin had to say on her Facebook page:

Save the date…the final Sookie Stackhouse book, DEAD EVER AFTER, will be on sale May 7, 2013! (admin)

My wonder is this:  Is that the official title???  In my recent interview with Charlaine (click here to read), she stated that Dead Ever After is on a short list of possible titles and that a final decision has not been made yet.  Hmmm…….  We shall see and keep you informed! 


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