GIVEAWAY: Kindle Fire Giveaway Update!


Good afternoon readers! 
I just wanted to let everyone know where the Kindle Fire Giveaway stands. 



We are slowly making progress toward the goal of 500 subscribers. 
As of about five minutes ago, our subscriber count was




Every day I get notifications that it is climbing but unfortunately, we have lost a bunch as well. 


 If you’re not sure what you can / cant do with a Fire, check out the info below. 

You can also click here to read my review! 




So, let’s blow this up!! 
Here’s the link:




Tweet it! 
Blog it! 
Facebook it! 
YouTube it! 
Google+ it! 
E-mail your friends, family and local librarian! 
The faster we get up to 500, the faster we can find a lucky winner!








3 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY: Kindle Fire Giveaway Update!

  1. My hubby just bought me one of these and they are awesome!!!!! Now, my mom is totally jealous, even though she has a kindle, she keeps trying to get my fire. If I won this, I would have to give it to her cause she is an awesome mom, always trying to help me even when I don’t ask her!!!! Lets get this going!

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