RANDOMS: Literary Limbo And The Great Beyond

One thing that I hate suffering through is literary limbo.  You know what I mean.  Literary limbo is that period of time between book releases in a series.  That period of time that you have to wait while the author puts together their next brilliant piece of the great big puzzle that is their characters’ lives.  That period of time where you could swear that the minutes have stopped ticking by at all . . . .

Literary limbo is where I am with ALL of my favorite series right now.  I do understand that authors need time to whip up their fantastic tales for the worlds that they so graciously invite us readers to be a part of but that doesn’t make the waiting suck any less.  Some of the release dates are now looming but some are seemingly light years away.

Mercy Thompson Series by Patricia Briggs – This is a series that I have loved since the day I started reading it.  I do feel that the last book was a little…..lackluster in comparison to the rest of the series but I have my crossables crossed that Patty Briggs will pull out all the stops for book 7 and really bring back the excitement that we all grew to know and love in the first few books.  Unfortunately, this is one of those cases where it seems to be forever and a day before we will get to read it.  As of today, there is no final title, no cover artwork and the release date?  Yeah.  Sping 2013.  Frustration anyone?  I am watching her site everyday for updates so stay tuned on this one. 



Caged series by Amber Lynn Natusch – Brand new series.  Fantastic characters.  Great story lines.  MONTHS until I can continue!  Caged (book 1) is currently the only one available to the public.  I was actually lucky enough to have received an advanced copy of the second book in the series (Haunted – tentatively due to be released at the end of January) so I cant really complain here.  I got more of a glimpse of the story than most people at this point.  However, Amber is fast-tracking the release of her books so it’s looking like I wont have to wait too long for the 3rd!  *wink wink*


The Betty Boo Series by Beth Dolgner – Another brand new series that I have fallen head-over-heels in love with!  The first two books (#1 – Ghost of a Threat & #2 – Ghost of a Whisper) are out and I read both in under 3 days!  Fast (however, intricately written) story lines and great characters!  I couldn’t ask for more!  Upon speaking with the author to arrange our upcoming interview, I was informed that we are looking at mid-March for Ghost of a Memory (book #3).  I can wait but I’ll be chomping at the bit the day it’s available. 


Southern Vampire Mysteries by Charlaine Harris – It’s no big secret that I am a big nerdy fan of this series.  Some people would disagree with me on this but I feel that the books are SO much better than the show and, to be completely honest, I don’t know how much more of the show I am going to watch.  It’s that big of a disappointment compared to the books.  Now, I don’t want to give anything away for the 2 of you out there who haven’t read them yet but Dead Reckoning (book 11 in the series) left us with some serious cliff hangers.  There are some major decisions to be made by our dear Sookie and throngs of fans are waiting with breath that is bated.  Deadlocked (book 12) comes out May 1st!

This brings me to the other half of my post title.  The Great Beyond.  I was saddened to hear that Charlaine Harris has decided to call it quits as far as Sookie is concerned once she has fulfilled her contract on them.  For us more romantically inclined folks, that means we have 2 more books to find out exactly who Sook ends up with, once and for all. 

I hate to see a series come to an end as it always leaves me feeling a little empty.  As a reader, you become invested in the lives of these characters that you spend hours reading about.  When a series comes to an end, the reader is left almost with a sense of loss.  A sense of the unknown.  I usually end up hearing this though in my head at least five times:  I wish there were more books in this series.  I want to know what happens AFTER! 

I believe that when an author chooses to end a series, they have their reason(s).  Whether it’s a bad case of burn-out or they just simply have no more story line ideas, the author always has their reason.  I am thankful when certain story lines end only because I’d hate to see them end on a negative note because the author kept going when they shouldn’t have. 

Twilight is a prime example of this.  Although I liked the books, it was absolutely time to call it quits.  It wouldn’t have been so necessary if there had been a little less whining from our main characters.  We were continuing to go over the same problems.  The same arguments.  The same conversations.  So she ended it.  It was definitely left WIDE open to continue but Stephenie Meyer has made it quit clear that her warm fuzzy feeling towards the vamps of Forks Washington have turned to cold and prickly (which may have played a part in the completely cut-off and abrupt ending in Breaking Dawn).  I am pretty sure that we will not be seeing anymore from this series. 


For those of you out there with that same feeling of loss when a series comes to an end – FEAR NOT!  There is a silver lining!  A light at the end of that dark tunnel!  Insert another cheesy metaphor here!  If you miss your favorite book series that sadly came to an end, I give you “fan fiction”.  I started reading fanfiction about a year ago and I am HOOKED.  You can basically find fanfiction for almost any book series, TV series, or movies.  Some are great, some are horrible.  The ones that are great, just might help fill that void you’re experiencing.  You can go to a great fanfiction website by going to the My Love Of FanFic page here on Pure Textuality.  I have even provided links to some of my favorite stories. 

With all that being said, I will leave you with this – literary limbo is a serious situation.  I feel that it most often can be helped – not cured but it definitely takes the edge off – by curling up with your favorite blanket, a cup of coffee and your favorite series.  Plan it out so you can reread the whole series right before the next installment comes out.  Then the story arc is refreshed in your mind when you are handed the next piece of the puzzle.

What series are you in literary limbo over?  Do you have a series that went to The Great Beyond that you miss?


5 thoughts on “RANDOMS: Literary Limbo And The Great Beyond

  1. Robert B. Parker, the author of the Spenser novels, died on January 10, 2010 of a heart attack while working at his desk. Sixkill (2011) was his last book. The Spenser books will continue, written by writer Ace Atkins, and I will give these books a chance because I love Spenser and his gang. But I feel a deep sense of loss because Spenser’s creator will not write another book.

    1. I hear you! It’s not a series but Michael Crichton was in the middle of writing a book when he passed and Richard Preston (a long time friend and die hard fan of Crichton’s work) ended up finishing the book. I haven’t read it yet but heard it’s amazing. It’s called Micro.

      1. See, that’s why I want to give Ace Atkins a chance. I want to see what he will do with “my” Spenser characters.

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