RANDOMS: I Present You With Scrivener by Literature & Latte!

One of my friends contacted me regarding something he thought my readers might enjoy (thanks Jeremy!).  I checked it out and it’s definitely worth a mention for all you fledgling (or even senior) authors out there.  It’s a program called Scrivener from Literature and Latte.  Until recently, it was only available as a Mac program but they have now released it as a Windows program as well. 


I want to start out by saying that I hold no stock in this.  L&L is not paying me to endorse and I have never used the program so I am not vouching for it as having tried it out.  All that being said, this has got to be one of the coolest ideas I have ever seen!!  It’s a writing management tool.    Rather than your same ol’ word processing program, this allows you to compile all the random “stuff” you accumulate when forming the idea for a piece you’re writing – notes, images, snippets, blurbs, URL’s, random drivel, etc.  It helps you organize and formulate all of that “stuff” into coherent thought on paper….or screen as the case may be. 


You can also put it into a “focus” mode that fades everything on the screen black except for your document (shown on the far left in the image above) so you don’t get distracted by all the shiny objects on your screen when trying to write. 


When all is said and done, you can push the file out to any number of mainstream file formats (Word, RTF, PDF, and HTML) making it super easy to share your work with others.  You also have the option of self-publishing it as an eBook in ePub or Kindle format!


As I stated, I have never used this program before but it definitely makes me want to try it out and try my hand at writing Sci-Fi/Fantasy fiction again! 


If you would like more info or would like to purchase the program, you can go directly to their site at http://www.literatureandlatte.com/scrivener.php.  Again, I am not an affiliate of any sort to Literature & Latte so I am not making any money off this.  Just thought that a few of you might be interested in it.  The full version of the program is only $40 on their site and there is a free trial you can start with before blowing the cash blindly. 


Thanks again to Jeremy for the tip!  I am greatly looking forward to trying this out! 


4 thoughts on “RANDOMS: I Present You With Scrivener by Literature & Latte!

  1. I use Scrivener for more than writing. It’s a great place to collect files and web pages and pdfs.

    From what I understand, NaNoWriters have the option of buying it for a discount.
    (I don’t own stock either. Just a very satisfied customer who hates Word.)

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