RANDOMS: Fun, Creative and Stylish Ways to Stash Your Book Collection

One thing that I am always on the lookout for is cute book shelves.  When you collect books, you never seem to have enough room for what you have, let alone what you want.  One day I was Stumbling (Stumble Upon = ridiculously addictive habit) and came across the best picture ever of a book case that was built into the vacant space below a set of stairs.  Not only was it functional, but it looked very sleek too!   This got me poking around to see what other cool ideas are out there and this is what I found….

This first one is probably my favorite.  These people have a bedroom up in their attic and rather than just leaving the stairs as is, they turned the stairs themselves into a big (and functional!) bookcase!  Top left is a shot looking up the stair case, top right is standing right in front of them, bottom left is looking from the top down and bottom right is a view from inside the room at the top.  This is just a fabulous use of space and I love it!!

This one is a classic idea with modern themes.  A book case that actually doubles as a place to read.  Although I love the idea in theory, this particular design looks to be about the most uncomfortable place to sit…..ever!  Revamp this idea a bit and I would be right on board!  Maybe stretch those side out and angle them a bit more and cover the entire tope in the world’s most amazingly plush cushions and then you’re on the right track.

  Here’s another take on the same type of “multifunctional” idea.  However, this one is a little closer to my liking!  This would be great tucked into a office, up against a wall, with a super plush (almost to the point of shag) carpet.   I’m picturing a little foot-stool sized table that is small enough to slide into that very bottom right hand cubby when not in use but big enough to hold a bowl of strawberries and a flute of champagne for when you’re curled up in the chair part with a blanket and a book.    I’m really loving this design!

Here’s another one that I really like.  This one reminds me of a wine cellar.   Maybe what’s facing that wall is one just like it, filled with wine bottles of all the best vineyards and I think I hear Frank Sinatra quietly playing over a set of small speakers that are cleverly hidden within the wine rack.  This is a good design.  Very modern.  Very chi.  Very Soho.  I like it.

  Here’s a good one!  Although, they are showing it displaying other items, I thought this would be a good one for someone who enjoys collecting books but is enough of a neat freak that they think a case full of books looks “messy”.  This way, you get to keep your book collection and not have it out in public view at the same time.  Very clean look when it’s all packed away.

These two pics (above and below) are a good example of how even if you don’t think you have any extra pace for bookshelves, you really do!  Just cut into your wall!  Anyone with wall space has the room to have these book cases.  The best thing is that they take up absolutely no floor space in your home.  Now, if you rent your home, please consult your landlord for permission before you go demolishing your Sheetrock.  As long as you’ve got permission, a quick trip to your local big box home improvement store, approx $30.00 in materials and you can have yourself a beautiful bookshelf built right into your wall. 

Here is another that is not modeling this off as book storage but it could easily be used for books!  I think this is a fantastic idea and now I’m kind of wishing that I could have these drawers built into the stairs in my house.   This is another design that allows you stash all sorts of “stuff” and still keep that clean organized look.

This is along the lines of what originally inspired me to write this.  However, the original design I saw was finished in a way that there was no unused space between the levels of the book case.  There were books all the way to the point where they couldn’t fit anymore and then there were little separators that make little “nooks” for candles.    This one is a good concept.  However. the bright red against the beautiful wood finish of the stairway above is hideous.  Too kindergarten for my taste.

This little sitting area is beautiful.  A little too chic in that I dont think the chairs would be comfy to sit in for any length of time but take that whole concept and replace the chairs and your back in business.  I love the bookcase.  This is an example of one that was finished perfectly.  It’s got style and grace.  Combine that with the soft lighting and maybe a bowl of jasmine flowers on one of the shelves and this little space could be the most relaxing place in your house.

  Here is another one that is a super relaxing design.   What you cant really tell from the picture is that is actually a window seat.  If this were a space of mine, I would definitely embellish that more and make that the focal point of the room.  But that’s just me.  This is another example of the bookshelves being built into the wall.  This one looks great.  The owner of this project kept it simple and it came out fantastic.  Another beautiful bookcase.

 I thought these were a very cool idea.  Although, I’m not into golfing so they can keep the golf club shelf.  The reast of these are just painted up to look like books.  They are convincing and cheap to do.   Very cute idea!

And here are a few full size bookcases painted up to look like they are actually constructed of books.  I cant really picture a room in my house that this wouldn’t look completely goofy but I like the idea nonetheless.

This one is right up there in the creativity department.  Incredibly artistic design, completely functional and it even looks like the cushions would be comfortable.   It is definitely not the prettiest thing to look at (for my taste anyway) and I think I’d be afraid to really get comfortable for fear that I might crunch the tops of the books with my arms.  However, the creator of this one gets big bonus points for originality and space-saving effort.

 And this is one of the cooler ones!  The book case is a door to a hidden closet!  How James Bondish is that???  I want one of these in my house.  That would be awesome!

So, that’s what I found.  What one do you like best?


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