Review Policy

Review TAT


  • Romance & Romantic Comedy
  • Paranormal & Paranormal Romance
  • Contemporary
  • Fantasy
  • Sci-Fi
  • Dystopian
  • Urban Fantasy
  • Thriller / Horror OF
  • Mystery / Crime
  • Memoirs / Biographies
  • Historical Fiction
  • Erotica


  • Non-fiction
  • Political fiction
  • Religious fiction/non fiction

For all others not listed or if it’s not clear where your book falls, just contact me to discuss.

Pure Textuality reviews are written from a fair, honest point of view.  Please remember they are reviewer opinions and represent the reviewer’s personal tastes. 




We gladly accept advanced reader copies (ARC’s)/galley bound copies to review, as well as books that have been out for a while.  If you are sending us an ARC/galley for review, we will try to get the review up on or very close to the book’s release date.  Just remember that if you want a review done by the book’s release date, we need enough time to plan on the book being in our schedule.  Please email us for our mailing address.

PURE TEXTUALITY IS REGISTERED ON BOTH NETGALLEY AND EDELWEISS.   E-mail us and let us know prior to sending a NetGalley or Edelweiss widget.  Several of us are registered and depending on who will review your book, you may need to use a different address.

We happily accept eBooks for review.  We are not opposed to the advancement of the electronic age!   *wink wink*  However, we do not have every eReader on the market.  The formats we can accept are as follows:

  • Kindle books (.prc files)
  • PDF (Portable Document Format)
  • .mobi files with no Document Rights Management (DRM) protections
  • .epub files



We happen to love audiobooks.  As much as we would love for Pure Textuality to be our full time job, that is not the case…..yet.  In the meantime, audiobooks allow us to “read” while at our day jobs.  That’s 8 hours of reading time every day that we would not otherwise have.  If you have your book as an audio book, we would gladly accept it.  Just shoot us an e-mail and we will work out the details. 



Books supplied to Pure Textuality, whether it be physical, audio or electronic, will never be duplicated, sold, or distributed in any way by Pure Textuality without the written permission of the author.



We no longer review books on a rating scale.  Read why HERE.





PLEASE NOTE: The only dates on this schedule that are guaranteed are blog tour stops and release day reviews. If we have not made a commitment to an author, publicist, publisher, or blog tour company, the review dates listed are subject to change.

Last Updated 9/24/2013




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