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Hello everyone. My name is Jena and I am a fiction junkie. *Mumbles fill the air as everyone in the circle of addicts greets the newcomer* I love to read. The first “real” book I remember reading was Stephen King’s The Stand. Unabridged. At 11 years old. I was in 6th grade and we had a Read In. Everyone wore pj’s to school, brought their blankets, pillows and books. We spent a full week doing nothing but reading and I loved it. I also ended up in the principal’s office with my mother on speaker phone because my teacher HIGHLY disagreed with my choice of reading material. My mother’s response? “Where do you think she got it?!?!? Hello?!?!?” I won that fight and spent the next 5 days reading my first favorite author.

Since then, I’ve read so many books (in most cases, multiple times over) that I would never even know where to begin if someone asked me to name my favorite author or my favorite book. There are far too many to list for far too many reasons. For a long time now, I’ve been toying with the idea of starting a blog for book reviews. But not reviews of just what’s new. There are so many people that have missed out on some great books over the years.

I have a Kindle, a Kindle Fire, a Kindle Fire HD and the Kindle app on both my phone and my computer. I have an iPod armed with an Audible membership. I have a huge library of physical books at home. If I am not reading something, chances are pretty good that I am listening to an audio book. If I am not listening to an audio book, I am probably working on my own upcoming novel, The Devil You Know.

Jena’s Adventures in Writing a Novel: Part I

Jena’s Adventures in Writing a Novel: Part II

Jena’s Adventures in Writing a Novel: Part III

Jena’s Adventures in Writing a Novel:  Part IV 

Jena’s Adventures in Writing a Novel:  Part V

On October 2nd, 2012, I published Burning.  Burning is a short story prequel for my Demon Legacy series.  The Devil You Know will be book #1 in that series and I am in the process of writing it as we speak….err…..type…..YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!

On top of doing what I love here at Pure Textuality, I have a relatively new blog I started called Roulette Wheel Confessions.  The blog itself is not new but I deleted all the old posts with the plan to completely start over fresh.  I am hoping to keep it updated but PT takes priority.  The other blog I take part in is Operation Shrink My Ass.  This blog is following the never ending quest to get skinny again. The plan is to get skinny and someday end the blog but again, PT takes priority so it only gets updated when I have the time. 
Some personal notes:  Aside from being a book junkie, I am a mom of two – Kaylee, my daughter was born Jan 14, 2001 and Ryker, my son, was born on Halloween 2009 (which incidentally is also MY birthday).  By day, I crunch numbers for a major financial company where (most days) I get to come into work, turn on my iPod (usually an audio book) and go for the day.  At night and every other spare minute I have, I’m either writing or reading.  I am also a big TV and Movie buff and I am a cruel judge when it comes to film.  My iTunes library, DVD library and book library all wage a continuous bloody war over who can be bigger.

I have discovered a new pass time!  Reading FanFic!!  lol  I had read some short “one-shot” stories in the past but I had no idea that people were actually writing full on BOOKS!

A great site for fanfic is  The have fanfic for everything – movies, tv shows, books – you name it, it’s on there.

I originally found this website via EricNorthman.netI saw them post on Twitter that they had added a new fanfic called Put Me First by AlphaEN.  Holy Hell!!!  I started reading and couldn’t stop.  However, only the first piece was on  I had to pop over to to read the rest.  2 hours later – I was finished and the story wasn’t!

I know when I finished reading Dead Reckoning by Charlaine Harris, my first thought was all the different ways I would use the cluviel dor.  Well, you can hop on over to, go to the fanfiction section and read DeeDee’s ‘Back From the Dead’ – it’s her take on what will/should happen in Book 12.  And she’s doing a fantastic job!!

There are some terrific writers out there.  There are also some not-so-great writers so if you get a dud story, move on to another!

One more great thing about fan fic – it’s a great way to get a fix of your favorite characters between releases in a series!  ;)

Here are links to some of my favorite pieces so far:


AlphaEN Put Me First
c3lia These Days
DeeDee Back From the Dead
Doneal The Long Road Home
EricIzMine Saints and Sinners
GabrielleBlue Eternal Night
MakeMyHeadSpin Love With a Stranger
Meg2 Dead Wrong
MellyHorror-Salvatore-Northman Dead Lost
Merick Eric and the Witches of Shreveport
MorganJane Not Waiting for Dead Reckoning
VicVega66 Werewolf Moon
  Little Wolf Series #1
Vikt0ria Blood Debt
  Double Edge Sword
  Sequel to Blood Debt
Adoration of an Enigma Mercy’s Mother’s Day
QuickStar Runaway Coyote
MistressNobody If I Was Your Vampire
AlphaEN Put Me First
EricIzMine Saints and Sinners
Meg2 Dead Wrong
Merick Eric and the Witches of Shreveport

 (Me and my “dog” Sausage)

(My daughter Kaylee – Halloween 2009)

(My son Ryker – December 2010)

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