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Hello, hello!  I’ll start with saying I HATE “introductions”…I feel like a geek.  Anyways!  That said, my name is Heather.  I started reading, oh, in (aprox.) 2003-2004.  I was at work and bored; ok, I know, my ex boss would be thrilled to hear that, right?  BUT, I worked in childcare, ALL my kiddos were down for naps, I had my curriculum for the month done, and I had cleaned my classroom.  There really wasn’t anything else for me to do.  I asked someone to cover me for a minute so I could run to my car where my daughter had left her copy of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.  I went back to the classroom and started reading it.  Can I just say nap time flew by?!?!  I started the book just to have something to do, but found that I loved reading!  When I was done with Harry Potter (not that same day), I ran to Target & grabbed a Nicholas Sparks book (don’t remember which one) and read that.  That became my routine from then on….I’d finish a book, run to Target at lunch and buy another!  I’ve been a book junkie ever since!

While my preference runs toward contemporary romance novels (Jill Shalvis, Debbie Macomber, etc), I DO read other genres occasionally.  I love ALL the Harry Potter books, the Twilight series, just finished my 1st “paranormal romance” book, and also read an occasional thriller or historical fiction (you MUST read Cane River by Lalita Tademy).

And, that is about it!  Oh, well….I WILL add that I do NOT like eReaders.  I am a PAPER book fan.  I know the day will come when bookstores are non-existent, unless you count online bookstores and I’ll have no choice but to use them.  I’m sure I will cry when that happens.  As it is, one of my authors released a Chrismas novella only in eBook form, so I had to get the Kindle app for my iPhone so that I could read the book.  I do NOT like that I had to do that.  Call me resistant to change, but some things are best left the way they were created (books=paper).

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