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Hey!  My name is Ginny Lurcock.  I’m an aspiring writer working on my first novel (and by working, I mean I sit around looking at the first draft of my novel, waiting for it to edit itself).  I live with my husband, Phineas, our evil genius of a toddler, Genevieve, and our demon cat, Shadow… And my father, his two cats, my sister, her boyfriend, and a partridge in a pear tree.  (Please note that my sister and her boyfriend have fled across the country, but I still like the flow of that sentence so it stays.)

Since I could remember, I’ve been an avid reader.  I think the first book that I remember blowing my tiny grade school mind was “The Westing Game” by Ellen Raskin.  Every since then, I’ve consumed books.  At first, I was all about whatever my mother was reading, so my background was in science fiction, fantasy, and Stephen King, but as is so often the case my interests have changed over the years.  I still adore Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and the brilliant Mr. King, but now I also love mystery (and all its many sub-genres), romance, paranormal, dystopian, thrillers, steam punk, and anything with whatever my horror creature du jour is.  (Today it’s zombies, in case you were wondering.)

On the issue of formatting – I love audio books.  They trick my brain into not realizing I’m at work.  I adore eBooks.  With a toddler, keeping real books around the house is dangerous, plus my kindle is so much lighter than, say, “A Game of Thrones.”  I know some people detest Audio, e, or both, but I happily disagree with them.  Hey, to each their own, right?

Update 08-29-2012:  So I’ve been reviewing books for Pure Textuality for… wait, seriously?  It’s only been 7.5 months.  That’s not possible…

Well anyways! In that time I’ve noticed several disturbing things about myself that I’d like to share:


  • I am easily distracted while writing reviews.


  • Because of this, I go off on tangents.


  • I will frequently pick the least important part of a book, and focus on that.


  • I feel the perverse need to point out flaws in a title… and then tell you why you should ignore those and read it anyways.


  • Or sometimes I forget to tell you why and just give the book a good rating in spite of its (perceived) flaws.

But if you enjoy your book reviews with an (un)healthy dose of insanity… then I’m your girl.

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