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Hello there!  My name is Charyl.  I can’t remember the first book I picked up but I can promise you that I have loved many.  I love to curl up on a cold day with my book/kindle and just relax for a good 6 hours easy only making bathroom breaks.  =0)  When I was 12, my grandfather introduced me to one of my all time favorite authors, John Sanford. He gave me a book (one of many that he gave me) – The Night Crew – and I fell in love with the story line and then proceeded to buy every book I could of his and followed his whole Prey series.

I followed closely behind my sister (Jena from Pure Textuality) with reading every Stephen King book that came into the house. Thanks to our mom.  I could never begin to list all the authors I have fallen in love with but I have found to be my main focus of passion to be fiction. I also enjoy non-fiction, modern romance, historical (particularly JFK books) and mystery suspense.

My sister helped me load my kindle up with around 400 books and I look forward to reading/rereading every single one of them and I continue adding more. I love to be able to read every chance I get. I have even gone so far as to putting the kindle app on my phone so I can read on my 10 minute breaks at work.

So with that said, I shall continue my reading except now I shall tell others what I think about it.   =0)

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