Hey y’alls! My name is Charity, a.k.a. PlantingMoon. My love of books started when I was 13. The first book that really got me hooked was V.C. Andrews, Flowers in the Attic. Oh, yeah, I swiped that bad boy from my moms little library and read it all sneaky like. I thought I was so bad a** reading that at 13. Scandal!  Any-who, I ended up reading that entire series by V.C Andrews in record time. So it began.


Well, we haven’t reached the end yet (hope not, I gots crap to do!) but since the genesis of my reading addiction I have somehow managed to go to college, live abroad, get married, get a “real job” and have 2 kids. All in that order. I know right!?!  Mi vida loca! Yeah, btw, I don’t speak Spanish. But, it does sound better then Mein verrücktes Leben. Which is German, which is the other language that I speak. Uh, yeah, me thinks Mi vida loca just sounds better.


Anyway, If I am not neglecting my husband or children due to the endless hours of shoving my nose in my Kindle (momma loves you guys). Then you will find me out jogging or simply hanging with my peeps getting a coffee or going out for a beer. Better yet, getting both a coffee and beer! You never know? Could be one of those days that forces one to partake in a healthy dose of both uppers and downers. I am from the Northwest; just so you know. Perhaps that may shed a little rain cloud or two on your perception of me.


Lets see now, books… well, for starters the genres I really get into are Para-romance, Urban fantasy, Sci-fi, YA, Steampunk, some mystery, some historical fiction and horror. I don’t really have a favorite author per-se, but I do lurvs me a good series! I am a series whore! Even if book 1 in a series stinks I will still read the rest of the series. Sometimes it’s torture and just plain exhausting (kinda like birth). Other times, sticking with a series has  really paid off (also, like birth). Okay, maybe the birth analogy was not the angle I was going for.?.


Moving onto devices! I have an android phone that has a pretty large screen and uploaded with the Kindle app. With this little sweetie I can read anywhere! Oh and with 2 small kids you better believe I read anywhere!  I am trying to convince my husband I need a tablet…lol. Yeah, he’s not falling for it. Yet.


You may also stop by and read some of my book reviews, foibles and misadventures on my blog.


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