Photo Album

Below are a collection of photos from
Pure Textuality highlights.  


Official Pure Textuality artwork
by Kittrose

First Pure Textuality coffee mug.
Made prior to the new logo being created.

 First Giveaway.

Advanced Reader Copies
(ARC’s / Galley Copies)

 Some of the ARC’s we received in our first year.

Amber Benson
‘How to Be Death’
Book Signing
March 2, 2012

The poster just outside the door at
Midtown Comics in
Manhattan NY

Jena’s ticket to get into the signing.

Amber right before the signing started.

Jena waiting out in the extreme frackin’ cold.

Charyl (left, one of our reviewers and Jena’s sister)
Kathy (right, Jena and Charyl’s mom)
waiting in line.

Jena (owner of Pure Textuality)
Amber Benson (world’s coolest author).

Extra copy signed for a Pure Textuality giveaway.

How to Be Death signed by Amber Benson:

“Yay Pure Textuality!”

In December 2011, Jena participated in the
Broke and Bookish Secret Santa Book Swap.

The books shown in the picture are what she received!

Jena had so much fun with the swap that she
decided to have Pure Textuality host one
every year going forward.

 The Book of Deacon
Joseph Lallo

The Book of Deacon would mark the
first printed book to ever include a
quote from a Pure Textuality review.

 “Wonderfully thrilling.
Absolutely adventurous.

Once they were printed, the author sent us 3 signed/numbered
copies to give away on the site!

Ghost of a Threat
Beth Dolgner

When Ghost of a Threat had it’s first paperback run,
the author sent us a signed copy to give away.

Silas Robb: Of Saints and Sinners
Erik Lynd

 One of the best Man’s Man kind of urban fantasies
I have ever read!  The author sent us two signed
copies to give away on the site!

This is the signed page from inside Jena’s copy.

The first wish star sponsored by Pure Textuality.

First Annual World Book Night America
April 23, 2012

Jena was a volunteer giver and the title was
‘Q is for Quarry’
by Sue Grafton


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