NEWS: Night Reads Friday the 13th Special Guest Starring Amber Lynn Natusch (@amberlnatusch)

In case you’re lame like me and were dead asleep by the time the show was on, Amber Lynn Natusch was the guest star on BlogTalk Radio show Night Reads last night.  The show last night was their first annual Friday the 13th special.  If you still want to hear the special, you can stream it by clicking here!  I am about 10 minutes into the 30 minute show and they are fantastic interviewers.  :)

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3 thoughts on “NEWS: Night Reads Friday the 13th Special Guest Starring Amber Lynn Natusch (@amberlnatusch)

  1. Thanks for posting this, Jena. Good interview. And I’m with Amber–the Twilight series got me interested in reading paranormal fiction.

    • I agree. It got me into a new form of paranormal. BUT I also agree with her in that I cant read it again. I read it through and LOVED it. Tried to do a 2nd time through and hated so much of it. I found myself wanting desperately to choke Bella out. lol IT’s a great series your first time through because you dont read too much into it. 2nd time, you’re like “she did WHAT?!?!?!?!” lol

      • The second and third books of the series drove me crazy–too much teenage angst. But I like Breaking Dawn, once Jacob stopped mewling over Bella. I like that Bella finally got a sense of her own power–didn’t think it would ever happen :)

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